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Autonomic Recovery is a Biomarker for Neuroinflammation Reduction

Dr. Nemechek has noticed that once his patient’s began demonstrating recovery of autonomic function, they also began experiencing recovery from other neuroinflammatory disorders such as attention deficit disorder, chronic anxiety, macular degeneration, central retinal vein thrombosis, chronic depression, post traumatic stress disorders, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Autonomic recovery is now used by Dr. Nemechek as a surrogate biomarker of neuroinflammatory recovery.  In medicine, a biomarker is an indirect indicator of a disease state or its response to treatment. An example of this is the measurement of blood sugar to monitor the severity of diabetes mellitus or the use of blood pressure monitoring to manage hypertension.

When treating brain injuries, autonomic recovery is a biomarker informing us that neuroinflammation has been reduced enough to allow re-activation of the normal repair process.  Sequential testing of the autonomic testing can easily detect the recovery of brain function, and is followed over time to insure that treatment remains effective.

Once re-activated, the reparative process reverses not only damage to the autonomic nervous system but to other areas within the brain.  The broad level of recovery is can be seen with reversal of depression, PTSD, anxiety, and improved motor function and coordination.



  1. Michael


    Dr. I am experiencing numerous symptoms and was wondering if you could give me some hope that your program can reverse this mess.

    Can this program work for a 35 year old with extensive emotional truama from infancy ,combined with potential brain injuries?

    Can this method help me to reset, resolve or process years of emotional baggage with the accompanying dissociation and various other symptoms listed below?

    All of these symptoms have are chronic and have been increasing in severity with numerous emotional traumas and long term traumas in relationships:


    -tons of extremely unbearable traumas related to relationship, sense of self, loss. Bad drug experiences , isolation in a jail cell etc
    -childhood traumas and bad parental relationship
    -intrusive morbid thoughts from an early age
    -Severe growing in severity after emotionalevents
    -I took testosterone when I was 11-12 because my mum said I wasn’t growing
    -I am currently in complete Anhedonia for the past 3 months after my last trauma of jail issolation while still suffering from the loss of a 6 year relationship
    -My anxiety is pure terror, for the last month I have been using methenphetamine just to escape which is in complete contradiction of my desire to sustain a healthy lifestyle.
    -Chronic Derealization that has increased 4-5 times after a trauma, I feel like I am always in a luciddream
    -Chronic Tinnitus since chilhood that has increased with emotional trauma
    -headaches all over, always there now
    -Intense pressure in head
    -pain behind eyes back of neck
    -bed wetting till I was 13
    -My heart feels extreme emotional and physical pain, it’s like a blackhole
    -emptiness, hopelessness, no purpose with the final trauma
    -x-ray from Atlas chiropractor showed neck bones curved backward. Dr. didn’t see a big deal
    -mum said I fell out of bed allot as a child and hit my head
    -tension,aches and pain throughout body
    -sensitive to many colognes perfumes and foods
    -dissociative in many way’s; Very Somatic
    -strange, unfamiliar and disturbing emotions and bodily sensations,started around age 11, now always there with a mix of soo much unresolved detached emotions, numbness, dissociation etc
    -Inability to fully recognize and process feelings like other people
    -dissorieentation in time.
    -Dissorientation in whereabouts
    -Neck pop in neck as a child, inducing a flash of blinding light and a heat that would fade in a matter of seconds
    -Visual static, eye floaters, dimness in light and faded colors, this is always with me and increased with emotional trauma
    -electrical feeling in body
    -memory and learning problems
    -I feel like I have dementia, increasing memory problems
    -feeling faint especially upon standing, vision gets darker,; Ihad this since I canremember,it only got worse with emotional trauma. Now it feels like I am stuck in that fainting point.
    -extreme attachment in relationships
    -fake relationship attachement, feels wrong, incomplete or fake.
    -childhood bowel problems, sharp pains since I could remember.
    -hyperactive as a child
    -Very tired lately increasing with emotional problems
    -Could not focus in school

    • Admin

      If you are interested in help with autonomic dysfunction, we also have a book reviewing the mechanisms involved with damage of the autonomic nervous system and the process involved in recovery.
      A copy of the books in either print or electronic formats can be obtained at
      Best wishes.
      Dr. N

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