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Dr. Patrick Nemechek, D.O. is an Internal Medicine specialist with 30 years of research and clinical experience in treating patients with inflammatory metabolic disorders. In the last 10 years Dr. Nemechek has been utilizing autonomic testing as a tool to more properly diagnose and treat a wide variety of common medical conditions.

Disorders such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart burn, migraine headaches, attention deficit disorder have been discovered to have underlying autonomic damage, and when repaired, a large number of their medical problems are resolved. Surprisingly, the chronic symptoms many patients experience correlate in time with a past event that could easily be categorized as a mild head trauma, sub-concussive brain injury or a non-traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Nemechek has developed a process to significantly reduce abnormal levels of chronic neuroinflammation within the central nervous system, and in doing so, has discovered how to reverse underlying autonomic damage and many of the chronic symptoms associated with brain injury (nicotine addition, poor concentration, headaches, constipation, heartburn, excessive hunger and thirst, abnormal balance, dizziness, visual disturbances).

The result of Dr. Nemechek’s groundbreaking work is the Autonomic Advantage™ Brain Recovery Program, an advanced medical protocol that reverses neuroinflammation and underlying brain damage even from injuries that occurred decades prior.

To date, Dr. Nemechek has reversed autonomic and other forms of brain damage in over 500 patients utilizing the principles behind the Autonomic Advantage™ Recovery Program.

The Autonomic Advantage™ Brain Recovery Program utilizes a combination of treatment modalities designed to reduce an individual’s unique sources of neuroinflammation. Treatment may include a combination of vagus nerve stimulation, optical biofeedback, short-term courses of prescription medications, nutritional supplements, exercise and specific dietary changes.


The first step in treatment is evaluation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) with a process called spectral analysis. Traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries may damage multiple areas of the brain but it’s the damage to the ANS that is responsible for many of the most common symptoms (Autonomic Nervous System Damage in Concussion).

Spectral analysis is rapid, scientifically accurate method to quickly assess the health of the ANS, and has been utilized is over 3,000 scientific studies. When accompanied by a thorough history, physical examination and laboratory analysis, a program is developed that reduces neuroinflammation, re-activates repair mechanisms and restores prior brain damage.

Recovery is carefully monitored with repeated testing of the ANS with treatment components being added or discontinued depending on the results of spectral analysis. Once the neuroinflammation is reduced, patients begin experiencing clinical improvement within a few weeks and many will fully reverse the damage with a few additional months.

After the patient has fully recovered, a portion of the treatment program will need to be maintained otherwise the neuroinflammation will return and the patient’s symptoms will return within a few months. has information on how testing is performed, how common problems such as attention deficit and nicotine craving are signs of underlying autonomic damage are reversible, and how unrecognized brain injury may be limiting an individual’s athletic ability.

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