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We are offering an introductory program that provides autonomic spectral analysis screening and interpretation for your entire starting lineup.

We know that 50% or more of your athletes are living with potentially reversible brain damage that has accumulated over their life span, and that this damage is limiting them from reaching their full athletic potential.

Astute coaches, managers and trainers will see this as an opportunity to improve the athletic performance of many of their athletes within only a few months.  Improvements on that scale are rare to come by, and could provide the decisive advantage for a winning season.  That’s why we named our treatment program The Autonomic Advantage ™ Brain Recovery Program.

The reason so many athletes have chronic brain damage is that the mechanism that normally repaired past concussion damage isn’t working correctly in approximately 50-75% of the general population (see the video and article on microglia activation) leaving them with some residual damage.

Brain injuries accumulate as a person experiences the multiple minor head injuries common throughout life.  The slip on ice, hitting one’s head on a low ledge or the mild “getting one’s bell rung” all cause mild injury to the brain. But because of the faulty repair process, each injury not being fully repaired, and residual brain damage accumulates on top of the prior injuries resulting in cumulative brain injury.

Every athlete who cannot quit chewing tobacco or has symptoms suggestive of attention deficit disorder are suffering from the effects of cumulative brain injury to their autonomic nervous system.  In both of these examples, the athletes cannot properly regulate the flow of blood and delivery of oxygen into the brain because of unrepaired damage to their autonomic nervous system.

Their cumulative brain injuries may also slow their reflexes, alter their balance and impair their vision.  Wouldn’t you like to see if this is true, and find out which other athletes might have the same type of brain damage?

The good news is that most of the detected autonomic brain damage is often reversible within only a few months.  This means within a few months, 50% or more of your athletes will be able to think more clearly, and react more quickly than before.

Spectral analysis is a scientific method of detecting underlying damage to the autonomic nervous system commonly found after traumatic and non-traumatic injury.  Spectral analysis cannot provide any estimate when the injuries may have occurred.

If interested, contact Dr. Nemechek with full details about your organization, your position within that organizations and relevant contact information.  This offer is limited by availability, and limitations may apply.

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